Winery update

We have completed Stage 1 of the winery which will allow us to process up to 100 tonnes of fruit each vintage. This allows us to consolidate all winemaking on site in ideal conditions. It’s a great pleasure to see it at work and realise the qualitative improvements and efficiencies that can be achieved.

We have proper cool room facilities, 30,000 litres of stainless steel tanking and ample room for winemaking. Upstairs we have a laboratory and additional palette storage.

Moving grapes from the vineyard straight to the winery means we can process quickly and in cool conditions ( no bins of grapes waiting in the heat to be trucked to another site )

Our beautiful new French Bucher Vaslin crush/de stemmer and German Scharfenberger bladder press allow us to treat the grapes carefully and with control to ensure the best results.

We are already seeing positive results from the 2019 vintage in barrel. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you in the future.


Simon Denton